Convince Your Boss

First published: 30/05/2024

To help employees upskill, many companies have an education budget to cover things like books, conferences, and courses.

If you’d like your boss to cover the cost of Component Odyssey, use the following template to help convince them that Component Odyssey is a worthy investment in your and your team’s development.

Before copying and pasting the template to your boss, consider the following:

  • How can you relate the benefits of the course directly to a project?
  • How can you relate the benefits of the course to the overall goals of your team/company?

Feel free to tweak parts of the template to communicate the benefits of Component Odyssey that are most relevant to your situation.


Hey {BossName},

I recently came across an online web development course called Component Odyssey, which focuses on building reusable component libraries. I believe this course would be a valuable investment for both my growth and the team’s long-term efficiency. Could you consider purchasing this course as part of my ongoing professional development?

Course Overview

This course offers a comprehensive guide on building a reusable component library from scratch. It covers everything from writing components to publishing them for others to use. The course teaches how to build reusable components compatible with any web development framework, making our codebase more maintainable and easier to scale.

Key Benefits

  • The course focuses on native browser technologies, which will make me a more well-rounded web developer.
  • It teaches how to build components that work with any web framework, allowing us to use different UI frameworks without rewriting our entire component library.
  • By building a component library, we can reuse code across multiple projects, leading to huge savings in time and resources in the long run.


The course has a one-time cost of $99, including tax. I’m convinced it’s a great opportunity for professional growth and will positively impact our team’s capabilities.

I appreciate your consideration, and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts

Best regards, {YourName}

P.S. I think this course would also be valuable for other members of the team, especially {ColleagueOrTeamNames}. We can reach out to for some pretty sizeable bulk discounts.

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